Objective: The shooter will demonstrate the ability to make combat effective hits in extreme close quarters while firing from a tactically sound position. 

Targets: Rubber dummy or cardboard silhouette (T1) set at arm’s length. A secondary target (T2) will be set 5 yards to the rear and left (bowling pin, head overlay etc.) 

Round Count: 5 or less 

Begin Exercise: The shooter will be very close proximity to T1. A handgun containing at least 5 rounds will be contained in a secure duty holster or concealed from view. On the signal, engage T1 with at least 2 shots to center mass. The shooter may fire either from a retention position or shove & shoot. Disengage and fire at least 1 round to neutralize T2 (partial target). 

Scoring: For self evaluation purposes. Marksmanship is rarely an issue, but what does your form look like? Am I inviting a disarm or allowing the threat to deflect  the muzzle  of my gun? 

Set up: T2 (partial target, the bad guy’s seeded backup) 

Mike Boyle is a retired law enforcement officer and has been active in use of force instruction for over 40 years. He has been a police academy assistant director, instructor, Rangemaster and is the author of 2 books, 3 training videos and hundreds of magazine articles on firearms, training and tactics. Mike served 21 years on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. Mr. Boyle can provide instruction on various firearms disciplines including handgun, shotgun and low light threat management. He can be reached at mboyle308@gmail.com.