What is Snub Noir?

Snub Noir is a noir-themed short barreled revolver and small caliber pistol shooters’ association. Snub Noir was created to bring together shooters, researchers, writers, and select firearm businesses, to promote, enhance and expand the sport of short barrel revolver and single stack, small caliber pocket pistol shooting.

Top Ten Reasons to Join Snub Noir

Your membership supports, promotes, and expands the following services:

  • Product discounts from current and upcoming Snub Noir business supporters
  • Discounts on member only and mass market firearm book and monograph titles.
  • Access to member-only revolver parts including hammer shrouds and (pending) polymer boot grips.
  • Snub Noir’s members’ blog featuring weekly snub handling training tips.
  • Weekly Snub Noir behind-the-scene BULLETin board updates.
  • Quarterly Detective GATzette newsletter in PDF or Print format.
  • Snub Noir’s E- and Pre-qualifier e-match Starter Kit reloading supplies.
  • Invitation to all regional Snub Noir shooting matches and special events.
  • Invitation to all regional Snub Noir snub skill workshops.
  • Invitation to Snub Noir’s biannual Son-of-Snubby Summit.

Our Goals

  1. Promote and support national snub revolver and small caliber pistol shooting matches.
  2. Promote and support a variety of; social media, blog, e-mail, and print newsletter member services covering topics of interest to snub revolver and small caliber pistol shooters.
  3. Promote and schedule a biennial regional snub-and small pistol training conference.
  4. Support producers of snub-related products and offer our member discounts on products and services of special interest.
  5. Record, uncover and archive snub and revolver related materials of historic note developed during the heyday of the snub revolver (approx. 1920’s-to-1970’s).
  6. Develop and grow an active association that supports and enhances these goals.

Promotional Efforts

Snub Noir staffers will use our various promotional and social media services to support of our members’ interests. These efforts include:

  1. Securing discounted shooter materials and programs for our Snub Noir participants.
  2. Research and review of firearm enhancement tools for optimum function and self-defense.
  3. Promote primer-only propelled low-cost training ammo options.
  4. Promote man-marking training tools and force-on-force skill development programs.
  5. Produce print, electronic, and video educational materials of general interest to our members.


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