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Issue 2, November 2021


  • Snubbing on the Cheap by Lowell Anderson
  • When Cops Were Gunfighters by Andy Stanford
  • Low Light shooting, Flashlights, and Revolvers (LLFR) by Conrad Szymczak
  • The Backbone and Bactrian by Michael de Bethencourt
  • My Little Friend by Greg Bettis
  • Some Holster Philosophy by Robert Lose
  • Provenance by I J Larivers
  • Cocktail Corner – Gimlet by David Zeppieri
  • Zeta6 Review by Frank Groth
  • Black Creek Leather’s Shoulder Holster by Michael de Bethencourt
  • The .38 Special 200 Grain Super Police Load: R.I.P. by Mike Boyle
  • The Mask of Madrid, Chapter I by Paul Filipowicz

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Issue 1, August 2021


  • The Magnum That Wasn’t by Frank Groth
  • Practice in the Time of Famine by Mark Hargrove
  • Snubbed! by Lowell Anderson
  • Two Noir Stories By Ernest Hemingway by Robert Luedemann
  • Ergonomic Ankle Carry by Jeff Lehman
  • The “Right” Ankle Carry by Michael de Bethencourt
  • “Correct” Ankle Carry by Rob Garrett
  • Smith and Wesson’s I-Frame, Yesterday’s Discreet Carry by Michael Rogers
  • Introduction to Saps and Blackjacks by Robert Escobar
  • Size Does Matter by Frank Groth
  • 442 Science Experiment by Conrad C. Szymczak
  • Cocktail Corner – The Roscoe Special by David Zeppieri
  • Cypress Shade: A true crime FBI memoir by John W. Whiteside
  • More from Lou Chiodo by Jason Chandonnet
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Detective Gatzette Issue 1 (August 2021)