Early this morning my son asked if I would take him and a classmate to the range for some casual plinking. Well, having 3/4 of a case left of the (dreadful!) steel cased .38 begging to be disposed of, and two teen boys willing to burn through it, seemed like a win/win. So after chocolate chip pancake breakfast for all, off to the range we went. … and about 100 rounds into what was shaping up to be a great late morning, a squib round put the 3inch m65 “hors de combat.” There was a light drizzle, and I felt it best to get somewhere with good light to give the gun an end-to-end review, so goodbye morning range day. Nine minutes later we were back home. A few minutes with a D-Jammer tool and the mallet cleared the squib, but once again, there isn’t enough bad things I can say about steel cased ammo. I do know lot’s of great folks who never have any trouble with theirs, and God bless them all. But for me, never, EVER will I buy another steel cased round again.