The Snubby Revolver, 3rd Edition


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By Ed Lovette

If you are interested in your personal security you should read this book.

Ed Lovette was my branch chief at a CIA training facility. His branch, composed of paramilitary operations officers, was responsible for the personal security training of deploying CIA personnel. Since we were all former military or police (Ed was both), our natural inclination was to teach tactics and practices based on military or police objectives. Ed revolutionized the training. He based the instruction on the fact that Agency officers would survive, in large part, based on their appearing to be unarmed civilians, and their ability to employ appropriate defensive tactics.

Ed investigated every violent incident involving Agency officers for the previous twenty years, interviewing the victims whenever possible. He also developed a program in which instructors traveled to the most dangerous overseas posts to interview former students. Combining this with his previous research and experience, he developed superb, realistic, and meaningful training. Some have credited this with saving their lives.

Ed has obviously continued his exhaustive research for this book, basing his findings on logic and real-life probabilities rather than speculation. If you want to know about the snub-nosed revolver in extreme close quarters, as backup, or for concealed carry, this book is a must.

- Richard N. Bradford,  Author of Personal Security


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