Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters: a Critical Look at Current Training Methods


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by Ralph Mroz

In this insightful analysis of shooting and fighting instruction, noted firearms expert Ralph Mroz examines the myths and misinformation that plague the gun community. From the five deadly training traps to unrealistic training exercises to concealed-carry mistakes, Mroz offers solutions to help defensive shooters snap out of their routines and become better and safer with their firearms. Mroz, whose articles have appeared in Combat Handguns and Guns magazines, takes a no-nonsense approach to such topics as the need for empty-hands skills, range training vs. real-world training, the problem of range standards, understanding and developing startle recovery, and more.

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This is a reprint of the original paperback book published in 2000. Some of the material may be dated, but most of it is still relevant.