Objective: to quickly make decisive hits on 2 threats in close quarters. Both shot placement and a speed reload to be evaluated.

Target: Two humanoid targets will be used. To create a more high value scoring area, an 8 inch paper plates can be placed in the chest of the targets. A 3X5 inch index card may be placed in the head of target #1. Target #1 will be placed 5 yards away, directly in front of the shooter. Target #2 will be placed 1 yard to the right of target #1 and 7 yards away.

Begin Exercise: The away shooter is positioned 5 yards from target #1 with a fully loaded pistol in the holster. The handgun should be contained in a duty holster or concealed from view. On signal, the shooter will draw and fire 2 shots to the chest of target #1 and 1 shot to the head, RELOAD and fire 3 shots into the chest of target #2. End of exercise.

Scoring: 100% hits on the target. Acceptable time for operator level is 9 seconds or less. A run of 7 seconds or less will be considered superior performance. One second penalty added to elapsed time for each shot outside the high value scoring area or head.

Variations: a) Begin the exercise with only 3 rounds in the handgun.

b) Place a piece of high cover slightly to the shooter’s immediate right. Fire last 3 shots from the second point of cover.

Mike Boyle is a retired law enforcement officer and has been active in use of force instruction for over 40 years. He has been a police academy assistant director, instructor, Rangemaster and is the author of 2 books, 3 training videos and hundreds of magazine articles on firearms, training and tactics. Mike served 21 years on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. Mr. Boyle can provide instruction on various firearms disciplines including handgun, shotgun and low light threat management. He can be reached at mboyle308@gmail.com.