Objective: This exercise will provide useful feedback to the shooter on their ability to hit when firing with a two hand hold, strong hand only and support hand only.

Round Count: 15 rounds per run

Distance: Varies, 5 to 25 yards

Target: 8 inch paper plate

Begin Exercise:

Variation #1- With a fully loaded pistol, come to a ready position. On the signal, fire 5 shots from a two hand hold, 5 shots strong hand only and 5 shots support hand only. Reload as necessary. For shooters of average ability or beginners, place the paper plate 5 yards away and use an open end time frame. If initial efforts meet with success, move further back and/or add a par time element. For example, 15 shots from 7 yards with a 45 second par time might be a good starting point.

Variation #2- Run as above, but the shooter will fire 1 shot with a two hand hold, 1 shot strong hand only and 1 shot support hand only. Repeat for 5 repetitions.

Variation #3- (Man on Man)- Use either of the above variations and set a realistic par time.

Instructor Notes: A realistic size, steel silhouette may be utilized when shooting at 15 yards and beyond. An observer must note the number of hits

Scoring: At the conclusion of the exercise, make the line safe and count the hits on the plate. Shooters should not move back to greater distance or be made to shoot faster until they meet with a small measure of success.

Mike Boyle is a retired law enforcement officer and has been active in use of force instruction for over 40 years. He has been a police academy assistant director, instructor, Rangemaster and is the author of 2 books, 3 training videos and hundreds of magazine articles on firearms, training and tactics. Mike served 21 years on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. Mr. Boyle can provide instruction on various firearms disciplines including handgun, shotgun and low light threat management. He can be reached at mboyle308@gmail.com.