Objective- The shooter must be able to make decisive hits in a fast pace multiple target exercise.

Targets- 3 High Power Silhouettes or 3 paper targets. Targets (T1, T2, T3) spaced about 1 yard apart. Eight inch paper plates can be used to create high value scoring area.

Distance- 5 to 10 yards (frangible ammo if steel targets are utilized)

Begin Exercise- Handgun in secure holster. On signal, draw and fire 1 hit on T1, 2 hits on T2, 3 hits on T3, REVERSE DIRECTION, 4 hits on T2 and 5 hits on T1.

Variations- a) High capacity pistols, 15 rounds or greater capacity

  1. b) Mandatory reload (at any point, shooters option)
  2. c) Revolver Neutral- no more than 6 rounds in each

magazine or fully loaded revolver  (2 reloads)

Scoring- Paladin Scoring, low time wins! A 2 second penalty will be assessed for each miss


(Borrowed photo from Shooting Sports USA)


Rapid Target Transition | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal