Elsewhere on the Snub Noir Facebook page, Ethan Seki made a good point that is worth drawing greater attention to. As most of you should know, the material used for the many brands of loading strips, including those made by Bianchi, TUFF, and Zeta6 to name only three, are not meant to last a lifetime. Anyone who has been around revolver shooting for any length of time know that the material will sooner-or-later stiffen, break down, and eventually disintegrate. This is just the nature of the product. Now nearly every responsible man probably has a dedicated date for replacing the batteries in the family’s fire alarms. Rather then reinventing the wheel, it is worth using the same date to once-a-year replace your carry OC can and replace your daily carry reloading strip(s). This does not require you to dispose of your year-old carry strip(s), just move the current strip(s) to your range box for range drills. But once every year you should invest in a new pair for your daily carry. At minimum it is a good way to get some annual weapon maintenance into regular rotation. And you will slowly add additional shooting tools to your range box in order to have on hand when you’re off to the range.