As you may know we received about two dozen lighters from Zippo with the Snub Noir logo art and association text on the incorrect sides of our members’ lighters. We have managed to sell off about half these lighters as-is if only because they will become an interesting early Snub Noir promotional item featuring an interesting production error. We also dropped the sell off price to close to half the usual sales price to help move them along. Once the last of these lighters are sold off we plan to work with Zippo to produce a corrected version of the lighter case art. In the interim, I am proposing to Jason and the admin staff that we replace the current side-two tag line (“The new home for hats and gats”) with something that will clearly differentiate the new lighter design from the old. I was thinking an exposed diagram of a short barreled revolver on the reverse side, opposite the Snub Noir “man with a hat and a gat” logo. At the moment the other staffers are … dubious.