I have a number of small .25 and .32 pistols and regrettably my least favorites are all of the blow-back versions. Yes, there is a lot to love about some of them, and for folks with hand issues who insist on a small semi-auto pistol, and who can’t draw back the slide, I can imagine some advantage in the tip-up design. But the first time you have a failure to extract, and need to pull out the cleaning rod from the cleaning kit to run down the barrel to poke out the spent case all against the clock, you may feel different about any blow-back pistol. If you regularly practice your rap-tap-bang skills with your full size pistols, you should own a dummy round or two for your mouse pistols as well. Try a clearance drill with one micro pistol with an extractor claw and one without and you’ll have an insight into these pistols that most shooters never consider. But of course, as always, I could be wrong.