Well this is the first shooting drill that actually gave me a headache. We down-loaded and printed out a set of 1-through-9 preschool number learning coloring sheets and printed each on a different, pastel colored sheet of paper. Then we set four sheet on two separate target stands. Two even and two odd numbers on each target stand. Each shooter took turns facing one of the the two target stands. The second shooter would call out either even or odd, and then call out a color. The first shooter would have to located the two sheets with the numbers that were the opposite of the called out information, then shoot the one sheet that feature the opposite color from the called out color. Assume the first target had a 1 on the red sheet, a 2 on the yellow sheet, a 3 on the green sheet, and a 4 on the pink sheet. The second shooter called out “odd” and “pink.” The first shooter looks for the even number sheets, then discounts the green sheet and fires one round into the yellow sheet. Trying to focus on which targets to not shoot at while keeping four bits of information sorted out in your head at the same time started out (for me) stunningly challenging. I’m planning on going back tomorrow and give this another chance. I have no intention of letting a preschool coloring book get the better of me.