Some time back Mike Boyle, former Board of Director member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, send us a collection of one hundred and one range training drills. Mike had collected these drills over his years as a firearms instructor. While we still have the material in the hopper for a monograph publication, a lot of ongoing Snub Noir projects have been getting in its way. I spoke with Mr. Boyle earlier this evening and suggested that we start posting the drills up on the blog, ideally once item every week. Mike has given us the go ahead. Starting tomorrow evening I’ll post one drill per Sunday. Sometime between the first and the hundred and first drill we should be able to get the complete monograph printed. At that time readers can either wait for the weekly posts or order the complete collection in a single volume. Panteao Make Ready with Mike Boyle: The Snubbie Revolver : Mike  Boyle, Fernando Coelho, Fernando Coelho: Movies & TV