I remember your preference in stocks/grips but don’t recall if we learned why you prefer your stock smooth as opposed to textured. Thinking of switching from grips to a stock but when blood and sweat seem inevitable I’m really curious as to why you have smooth. Is it because it makes the one handed reloads easier by lessening the friction when putting the grip under your belt? Thank you!


Dear Paul:

Thank you for a great question.

There are a number of great shooters who prefer that their stocks be checkered.

But for myself only, I’ll stick with (no pun meant) smooth revolver stocks.

In no special order:

  1. The checkering will often rub the inner surface of the shirt and the inner lining of the cover jacket away. It was once common to the shield the suit jacket’s lining with thicker material stitched in place to resist the ripping of the lining from (primary) the hammer spur and to a lesser extent, the stock’s checkering.
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