This may be too far around the barn, but I’ll let you folks decide. I’m always looking for new ways to use a limited number of props in new way on the range. I have a prop (edgeless) straight razor I used to use in the knife/counter-knife classes. Mostly for counter-knife training programs. But I spotted this photo and had a thought. What about a stage where you’d lather up then start to remove the shaving cream with the training razor, and in in mid-shave, respond to the signal, trade the razor for your snub, and engage five to seven targets. I’m fond of drills that start you off working on one problem, then with minimal to no warning, force you to call on some emergency skill or another. My version of “stress inoculation” Anyone who knows of my infamous Infant in Distress shooting drill knows what mischief I capable of cooking up. Maybe I’ll invite a barber down to watch the show and judge how safe or reckless the shaves are performed. Stand by. More info to follow.