I have been working with a partial unload/reload tip passed along to me some months ago. Fire off all but one, two, or three rounds, open the cylinder and invert the revolver, catch/collect only the un-fired rounds, then touch the ejector rod removing the fired rounds. Then either return the live rounds and top off the cylinder, or pocket the live rounds and refill the cylinder via the speed loader. I haven’t found a perfect role for the technique (yet) and there may not be one, but it is a fun gun handing drill.

Tim P.
I would think you would better spend your training time simply dumping and reloading under duress. When you have perfected that, keep sustaining that simple necessary skill. Partials are only for when the snake is dead but you still have to walk home.

Dear Tim: That (!) is a great suggestion. I too prefer to dump the whole of the cylinder (fired and unfired) in to a hand, then into a pocket, then reload with fresh ammo. If time and situation permits, one can sort the live from the fired sometime in the future. But as a non-self defense drill a “hike-and-snake” drill is brilliant. Set a number of paper snake targets on a number of target stands zig-zag down a path. Send the shooter down the path with a number of snake shot rounds and a pair of self-defense rounds. The shooter need to walk the path, shooting the snakes as he comes to the targets (emptying and reloading snake shot as required) while keeping track of the self-defense rounds. At the end of the path, fire the two self-defense rounds into the final two targets. I will have to give this a try later during the week.

Thank you for a great idea!