Question from Tony R:

Pocket carry. I have a problem with the grip peeking out of the top of the pocket on Carhart work pants in winter. In summer I wear a rip-stop cotton style that has deep pockets without a problem. I mostly carry an LCR in .38 but can go Colt DS, S&W 36/60. What alternate deep pocket clothing is a go-to for cold weather?


Dear Tony: I tested pocket holsters for years and when I used them I worked up a small fix to the “butt poking out of the pocket” issue. First, know that I have never met a tailor nor a seamstress who hasn’t worked around firearms. I usually take a RING blue replica gun (or any replica, even a toy gun) of my carry gun and the pocket holster to shop of the tailor or the seamstress. I would ask them to re-cut the pocket so that it is deep enough that the butt would not poke out of the pocket. The $35 dollars they generally charge is always worth it. You also get the added benefit that the shape of the pocket now matched the pocket holster so there is no shifting around by either on the draw stroke. One small addition. I tried having the bottom of the deep pocket stitched to the inside of the pants leg to keep it anchored, but the pocket (and gun) would dig in when I was sitting. I opted for a small “tab” on the bottom of the pocket so I could attach a clip-on stretch style shirt stay from the tab to the top of the same side sock. This lets the pocket shift when I was sitting but kept the pocket and holster in place on the draw stroke. I hope that is of some small help.