As dedicated snub shooters we understand that these handy guns come with a learning curve, They are not for novices, generally, and they require periodic training, and practice with tailored drills, to retain proficiency.

Over the past two decades we have experienced repeated shortages of ammunition. The situation has been particularly acute in the past two years, between panic buying and supply chain disruption. Ammunition has returned to store shelves, but there are still shortages of various loadings depending on locale.  Where I live .38 Special is hard to find and on line prices are no longer a bargain.

Recently on the Snub Noir Facebook, senior staffer Rob Garrett posted one of his favorite drills, which is also a favorite of mine.  It is a low round count, only fifteen required, and it touches on every fundamental skill necessary for good shooting. Given these lean times as concerns ammunition any drills with a minimum of expenditure and a maximum of learning are drills we should be doing.

With that in mind, I dug into my “Binder O’Drills” and pulled out several that are appropriate to short barreled revolvers. All of these are fired on easily obtainable targets, including some which can be printed on plain paper. I’ve included links to downloadable targets where applicable, so you can easily print your own.

Five Plus One

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Drill results from the Hardwired Super Test