This is the speculative snub post that send Facebook over the edge: Mike Boyle and I were chatting about our individual ideas for the practical J-frame we dreamed of. As I took the time to type it on the e-mail I though I’d share it here as well. There is a notable reasons behind each item and I might work up a long column on the Whys and Why-nots of each element, but as this is never going to be offered I’ll have to settle for dreaming about it: Base gun – m638 Airweight Bodyguard in .38. 2-1/4-inch .38 barrel (same 2-1/4 .38 roll marked S&W barrel S&W put on the once authorize .38 Centennial NYCPD) VZ Grips – finger-bump-less stocks. No frame lock. D&L J-frame front sight blade – No Big Dot – No glow-in-the-dark dots. Old style (not art-deco) cylinder release. Original Precision .38 moon clip conversion – works BOTH with and WITHOUT moon clips. (Borrowed photo)