Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that Issue 8 of The Detective Gatzette is available for download here! The print copies will be arriving soon and will be sent out after.


  • Battle of the Snubbies – The Colt Agent Takes on the New Kimber K6xs by William Bell
  • Salsa and the Model 49 by “Pepe” Castillo
  • Knuckle Sandwiches by Conrad C. Szymczak
  • The Complete Book of Tokarev Pistols Review By T.C. Fuller
  • Nagant Shooting Review by Alan Weber
  • Cocktail Corner: The Manhattan by David T. Zeppieri
  • Citizens Defense Research Contextual Revolver: Fundamental Revolver Skills by Pat Tarrant
  • The Smoke Filled Room by Doc Hannah
  • Hands-On with the Taurus 856 by Erik Nelson
  • Ed Lovette – The Snubby’s Greatest Advocate by McKim Symington
  • Revolver Resurgence by Jeff Lehman
  • When Life Gives You Lemons… by Michael Brady
  • Vintage Gun Leather: In Praise of the Spring Holster by R. L. Martin