Dear Members,

We are happy to announce that Issue 8 of The Detective Gatzette is available for download here! The print copies will be arriving soon and will be sent out after.


  • Snubbies! by John Farnam
  • Devin Stiles Was A Hard Man. Part I by Robert Luedeman
  • More than one way to load a snub=Zeta 6 products By Chris Edwards
  • Shoulder Holsters and Cold Weather By Mike Boyle
  • The Snubby Wheel Gun – Don’t Leave Home Without It By Nick Jacobellis
  • Snubby Ballistics By Sean Fitzgerald
  • Spillane: King of Pulp Fiction Reviewed By Brian Drake
  • Versatile EDC Gun Belts: NexBelt Guardian and Groove Belt By Earby Markham
  • Your Great Grandpa’s Snubby By Dewey Winstead
  • What I Carry, How I Carry It and Why By Bob Walsh
  • Movie Review – Marlowe By John A. Curley
  • Senior Shots By By Conrad C. Szymczak
  • Guns as Personal Protection in Sweden By Daniel de Casanueva
  • The Nagant 1895: A Timeless Revolver with a Dark History By Cohen Crenwelge
  • “Is This Your Car?” Part I By G. S. Morris