Dear Members,

We are excited to announce that Issue 7 of The Detective Gatzette is available for download here! The print copies will be arriving this week and will be sent out shortly after.



  • A Snub for a Dark Time by Chris Edwards
  • The Fight Game: Noir in Fiction and Film by Robert Luedeman
  • The Smith and Wesson .35 Auto By Tim Inwood
  • What’s In a Name? By Greg Bettis
  • Wood or Rubber By Mike Boyle
  • 22 Long Rifle Beretta Pistols For Close Quarters Battle? Don’t Laugh By Nick Jacobellis
  • A Custom Snubby .38 By Tom Givens
  • My “New” Gat By Bob Walsh
  • Kimber K6S Double Action Single Action (DASA) The legacy pistol of the FBI’s Model 13? By Earby Markham
  • Brightly Colored Guns By Conrad C. Szymczak
  • Learning Lessons By Frank Groth
  • Cigars & Noir By Doc Hannah
  • Try Going a Little Deeper By G.S. Morris
  • 1 of 100 S&W Round Butt M&P By Roy Ferguson