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This is the industry information to which few are privy – the view of the firearms instructor. Not just an instructor but someone who knows what they’re talking about, has real-world applications and can explain it like you are a neighbor not a number. Volumes of information are available for learning the “what” but almost nothing is available for learning the “how”. Here is a rare gem, a guide that teaches the teacher and develops the shooter…all in one book. Reaching the top of your game as an instructor or student of practical defense is now within your grasp.
Firearms instructors find it difficult to influence students for a variety of reasons, but most often it’s because students don’t find life-changing motivation in the presentation. The result is they fail to learn and you fail to hear from them again. Beyond The Muzzle: The Firearms Instructor and Shooter Development Guide offers a path to mature your instructor standing and reach your goals.

  • Enhance your instructor value – professionally and personally
  • Create your instructor vision – see like an instructor, not a student
  • Learn new lessons for teaching the American martial art – the handgun fight
  • See methods to develop a shooter
  • Prepare proper training documentation
  • Reduce your liability
  • Up your public communications game

Beyond The Muzzle marks the path to your greatest instructor success. Simple but not easy. Whether law enforcement or armed services, professional shooter/instructor, part-time at the local range, helping family and friends or trying to push your shooting skills to the next level, The Firearm Instructor and Shooter Development Guide will serve you very well and your students even better.

Greg Bettis began a law enforcement career in Metro-Atlanta in 1984, working the streets before becoming a use-of-force instructor and eventually a Georgia POST Master Instructor. Greg has taught thousands of officers both in the classroom, on the range and in other high-liability training environments both statewide and nationally. He sits on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and holds various state instructor certifications, National Rifle Association training certificates, manufacturer armorers’ courses for various firearms platforms, the FBI Firearms Instructor certification, and 4200-hours of law enforcement training. Greg Professionally retired in 2021.

Greg brings a fresh and energetic passion for instructing that will encourage an honest, simple and straightforward discussion to impact the life of every participant.