Should I buy an old or a new firearm? Aesthetics, concealability, NIB, NOS, used, carryability, reliability, maintainability, reparability, DAO, SAO, S/D, retainability, price, cost, upgradability, usability, warranty, parts, and safety are all considerations. When looking for a personal defense (DP) firearm, it is critical to have a weapon that will stop a threat within the parameters of the situation. This includes considerations of physical and mental ability to accomplish the tasks required to pull a trigger and land projectiles capable of stopping a life threatening assailant. As for a DP snub, careful consideration to features and benefits must be taken. In this installment I will address trigger pull. Trigger pulls on snubs can range from 2 to 14 plus pounds. Most elder self-defenders cannot use a firearm at the upper end. To that end, older snubs tend to be more adjustable via gunsmith, spring & part kit, or break-in for a friendlier trigger pull. When considering an older gun it is best to have a competent gunsmith check a snub for applicability for your personal use.