Thank you Mr. Mroz for granting us permission to publish excerpts from your book Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters: a Critical Look at Current Training Methods!

A Deadly Syndrome

The range is flat, open, unobstructed, well lit, safe, unidirectional, stress-free, and clear of distractions. The street, or wherever else you’ll have to fight for your life, is not.

Range targets are flat, static, facing head-on, quiet, nonpersonal, and nonthreatening. The person trying to kill you isn’t.

So obviously, range training, no matter how “practical” or “tactical” is not real-world training. This is not a hypothesis or an opinion. It is a plain fact. You can shoot high-speed, low-drag drills all day against paper (or steel) targets and not touch the reality of a genuine encounter.


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