Dear Fellow Snubbologists,
I want to take this opportunity to pass along information that you may find interesting.  I spend some of my relaxation time reading, reviewing and searching for “revolver” stuff”.   You may find it interesting to check out the Don Hume Leather website ( as they are offering both the single speed loader pouch and their 2 x 2 cartridge pouch at greatly reduced rates.  Both items are made out of leather and they offer them in either black or brown with your choice of snap colors.  The D-408 “Pick Two Cartridge Pouch” is regularly price at $30.00 and are now $19.50.  The “Pack Two Speed Loader Holder” are regularly priced at $29.80 and are now $19.37.  From what I can glean they are only for .38 SPL/.357 Magnum, but you can check further if you wish.
Have a GREAT week!!