Elsewhere Keith S, Doug T and I were chatting on the pros and cons of leaving an empty loop between the live rounds when using the loop ammo / belt slide. Keith was kind enough to point out that that he had read elsewhere that for faster reloading, one could load a loop / belt slide two rounds side-by-side, leave a space, and add another two rounds. spacing. I think this is a great note and plan to test it with the PACT timer the next time I’m on the range.
In the interim, I have to plead guilty to already applying this same trick with the 2x2x2 pouch (though not being smart enough to adapt it with the loop / belt slide) But back to the 2x2x2 pouch. At one match, at the 2x2x2 pouch stage, I reached for my ammo to fill the six-round snub.  In my rush to reload, I pulled out rounds #2 and #3 rather than rounds #1 and #2. Then when I reached back again for the next “two” rounds, the “missing” round threw off the rest of the reloading times. Lesson learned.
In vengeance I asked Mark at Lobo Gun Leather to work up for me a 2xx2xx2 loading pouch. The added spacing worked great, and now gives me a notable improvement in my reloading on the 2x2x2 stages. Most importantly, I have never “miss-counted” the reloading order since adopting the double spaced 2xx2xx2 pouch. So I suspect that Keith’s suggestion on 2-0-2-0-2 spacing with the loop / belt slide has some validity. I am now looking forward to getting on the range with the PACT timer and seeing how spacing the loop carrier in a 2-0-2-0-2 fashion effects my reloading times. Complete report to follow. All credit to Keith S and Doug T.