Dear friends,

Behind the scenes at Snub Noir, we have been very busy working on several new books. Today we are announcing a new book titled: Dynamic Training Concepts by Lou Chiodo. This book is invaluable whether you are a law enforcement officer, a military member, or an armed citizen using your firearms for self-defense.

Throughout the decades researching and developing training programs, Lou Chiodo has fine-tuned how to organize training to help an individual rapidly increase their combat shooting skills. In this book, Chiodo will offer suggestions that will help you maximize the use of the training time you have available to you. Through his experience in developing Force-on-Force training drills, and scenario-based training, Lou Chiodo will have a frank discussion with you about the importance of this type of training and why it is a critical part of an overall training program.

Dynamic Training Concepts will be available in early November 2021!