There was that first snub-nosed, a 2″ High Standard MK IV in .22 Magnum that we can’t quite remember exactly where that, and its leather shoulder holster, came from. We do recall that it was sold to a dear friend, and later on we polished the chambers to solve a nagging extraction problem. There was also a mid-1970s third model Colt Detective Special .38 that we can’t recall ever shooting, although we surely did. Surely. It was a fine revolver indeed, but somehow just didn’t light the spark of permanence in us. And then there was that mint condition stainless, 2 3/4″ Ruger Security-Six that put five rounds into a single cloverleaf at 15 yards the first time we fired it. How could that have gotten away? We admired each of them and appreciated their distinctness and achievements. But alas, they come and they go.

–One Gun Andy