Beyond the Muzzle: The Firearms Instructor and Shooter Development Guide


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Pulling the trigger is easy - teaching others to do it is not.  Beyond The Muzzle is the industry perspective to which few are privy – that of the firearms instructor.  An encompassing presentation that shares the “how to instruct” for the teacher, coach or student of firearm skills and tactics, as well as, every gun owner.  Finding books on how to shoot is not difficult but finding books on how to teach those skills is almost impossible.  Whether you desire to become a firearms instructor, improve your professional value, or simply want to improve your life-saving skills, Beyond The Muzzle: The Firearms Instructor’s Development Guide, was written for you.  Beyond The Muzzle offers a unique presentation of the experience of a professional law enforcement instructor who has taught thousands of police officers regarding deadly force.  The author shares professional instructor experience on:

  • Motivation for critical teaching
  • Working more than the gun
  • Full spectrum of teaching firearms/deadly force
  • How to build a shooter
  • Fighting versus shooting
  • Trigger and sight management in the fight
  • Developing instructor vision – “See, Say, Do” segments
  • Instructor communications
  • Budget work-arounds
  • Documentation, documentation, documentation
  • Importance of student feedback
  • Simple techniques for teaching street skills
  • And more…

155 Full Color Pages
ISBN: 9781736701546

I have known Greg Bettis for decades… One would do well to study his words and follow his examples for firearms instruction.

– Chris Edwards
Glock Sport Shooting Foundation Match Coordinator & Firearms Instructor, Glock Professional

Greg is not only qualified to write this but he has the tactical wisdom and courage to follow through with it.

– Richard McLarin
US Army-MTU (Marksmanship Training Unit-Shooting team)

This book provides firsthand information from a man who has dedicated his life
to protecting and teaching others…

– Brandon Wright
Wright Shooting Concepts
Team Smith and Wesson, Former State Trooper & Professional Shooter


Greg knows how to develop other firearms instructors… with Beyond The Muzzle… I think he nailed it.

– Ken Farren
Training Coordinator, International Association
of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors