Why a Revolver?

  • Myth- A semi-auto pistol is a better choice! Revolvers are obsolete.
  • First rule of gunfighting- Have a gun!
  • Revolvers do some things better
  • Snubs remain very popular, service size- not so much

Some Snub Advantages

  • Size Efficient/Power
  • Simple Manual of Arms
  • Extreme Close Quarters
  • Discreet Concealment

The Down Side

  • Low Capacity
  • Poor Sights/Short Sight Radius
  • Fit to the Hand

What’s Available?

  • From the major manufacturers
  • Steel, aluminum, scandium, polymer frames
  • Used Guns


  • Carry a round with a proven street record
  • Practice Ammo


  • Qualities of a Good Concealment Holster
  • On the Belt- strong side, crossdraw, IWB
  • Off the Belt, but on the Body- pocket, shoulder, ankle, bags
  • Off Body

Support Gear

  • Loading Devices
  • Belt

Getting into Action

  • Draw Stroke
  • Ready Positions

Shooting the Snub

  • The Fundamentals- Stance, Grip, Index, Trigger Control, Follow Through
  • Different from the Pistol


  • The Real World
  • Some Techniques for Consideration

Practice On & Off the Range

  • Simple to the More Complex- single threat, multiple threats, poor light
  • Realistic Distance and Target
  • Draw from Concealment
  • Off Range- dry fire, draw stroke, reloading

Knowing When

  • Avoid Conflict
  • Mental Conditioning
  • OODA Loop
  • Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy, Preclusion